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Select this no-compromise package to give greater peace of mind to your staff & customers by monitoring your premises for airborne COVID-19 while saving up to 30%. Choose between the options below to test for either 12, 24 or 52 weeks with 10 devices which come included in each package.

AirAnswers® makes Airborne COVID-19 Monitoring Easy


We've made our COVID-19 laboratory data report easy to read and understand.


Wall posters that show that the area is being monitored for COVID-19 can be displayed throughout the clients business.


AirAnswers® COVID-19 testing is easy as plugging in the device and letting it run silently for 3 days
  1. Pro Package – Advanced
    Pro Package – Advanced
  2. Pro Package – Plus
    Pro Package – Plus
  3. Pro Package – Basic
    Pro Package – Basic