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Technical specifications

AirAnswers® is the convenient way to know what's in your air. With its quiet operation and modern design, you'll hardly know it's there.

The unit operates with replaceable cartridges, so you can test your air as needed for on-going confidence and peace of mind.

175.45mm X 125.28mm
15w power adapter with DC jack
Ionizier with multiple port entry

Testing specifications

Add the consultation at checkout and an AirAnswers® Care Advisor will translate your results into actions, personalized to your unique environment. You'll receive a report containing our findings and recommendations so you can take control of your health.

Your AirAnswers® device will come with 4 testing cartridges which will provide a full year of AirAnswers® testing with a renewable quarterly testing plan.

  • "Having the ability to quickly know which fine particle allergens are in my patient's homes is an important part of implementing a personalized intervention program."
    Dr. Jonathan Bernstein, CCI FACP, M.D. | Physician
    Dr. Jonathan Bernstein, CCI FACP, M.D. | Physician
  • "Accurate and comprehensive AirAnswers® report allows physicians to quickly address patients relevant airborne allergens."
    Dr. Priya Bansal | Physician
    Dr. Priya Bansal | Physician
  • "A fast, accurate, and actionable report quickly identifying fine particle allergens in my patient’s home completes the picture for the most impactful allergen avoidance strategies."
    Dr. Paul Detjen | Allergist
    Dr. Paul Detjen | Allergist
  • "Testing with AirAnswers® in a specific home where I constantly had allergies helped us pinpoint exactly what was the cause, and what to avoid, and for that I am better, have fewer symptoms and am taking less medicine!"
    Elizabeth D. | Patient
    Elizabeth D. | Patient
  • "A single AirAnswers® test in a central location near a return vent can help identify problems in far-reaching areas of a home."
    Ian Cull, PE, CIH | IAQ Specialist |
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