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‘A new normal’: Airionex Air Cleaning Systems Teams Up with AirAnswers® Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Press release 6/25/2020

Airionex, LLC announced today a new collaboration with AirAnswers®. Currently available Varionix air cleaning systems destroy airborne pathogens, including coronavirus. The company is now teaming up with AirAnswers®’ commercial air sampling technology, which monitors air quality for both allergens and pathogens like coronavirus, to create and validate clean air across a multitude of industries.

Date: June 25, 2020

Today, more than ever, we worry about the air we breathe, and the cleanliness of every surface. In health care facilities, schools, offices, factories, airports, and other heavily trafficked locations, these concerns have always been of the utmost importance.

What if you could reduce pathogens, including the novel coronavirus, in the air and on surfaces in your facility or workplace, using your current air handling system? What if you could also reduce allergens like dust, mold, and other contaminants at the same time? What if you could accomplish all these goals through a system that is both environmentally friendly and economically feasible? Airionex allows you to do just that, and now, with the introduction of AirAnswers®, allows for ongoing monitoring of its effectiveness in your space.

Varionix air cleaning technology have been proven through independent testing to eliminate the Coronavirus, other viruses, microbes, allergens, VOCs, and odors, with improved energy conservation and no negative environmental effects. This results in cleaner air and a safer environment for employees and customers. The new collaboration with AirAnswers®’ air sampling technology will provide on-location validation of air quality, enabling peace of mind for those utilizing the spaces. By sampling air quality and providing laboratory analysis reports on contaminants like viruses, mold, and other allergens. AirAnswers® ensures your facility’s air is safe and clean. With a primary focus on public health, the initial deployment will include several schools and hotels within California, and numerous offices and bank locations across the United States. Only Airionex can provide this unique and continuously validated solution for disinfecting the air from Coronavirus (Covid-19) and other contaminants.

Varionix air cleaning systems from Airionex use bipolar ionization technology to destroy airborne pathogens, including Coronavirus. The bipolar ions seek and destroy viruses, bacteria, fungi, other microbes, and even allergens like dust and mold. The units work inside an existing air handling system, or as standalone units, producing positive and negative ions that destroy the surface of a microbe.

“We are thrilled to partner with AirAnswers® technology to aid in providing our clients further peace of mind for their employees and customers that the air they are breathing is clean,” said Founder & CEO Airionex, Jukka Matikka.

“It is rewarding to be a part of helping the world return to a new normal and feel safe in the spaces they are exposing themselves to by teaming up with Airionex,” said President & CEO of Inspirotec, Tom Brya.

About Airionex LLC.

Airionex provides eco-friendly air cleaning that eliminates pathogens, allergens, VOCs, and odors for the commercial offices, hospitality, health care, educational facilities, transportation, fitness, entertainment, manufacturing industries, and many others, across North America.

The Bipolar Ionization technology by Varionix has already been available in Europe and Asia for a long time. The technology and know-how behind it has improved the air quality in countless companies in dozens of different countries worldwide. A safe, natural, and environmentally friendly process, Varionix’s patented bipolar ionization technology uses no chemicals, no heavy metals, and no mercury. It doesn’t increase the amount of harmful by-products, such as excess ozone or ultraviolet light in the indoor air. Finally, these bipolar ionization systems made in Switzerland are now available in the US market. Airionex is the sole distributor and importer for the Varionix products in the North American market.

About AirAnswers®

AirAnswers® is the only company providing airborne allergen detection either through physicians, industrial hygienists, indoor air quality professionals, home resale, or direct to consumer. It has developed a highly sensitive patented technology for testing and measuring biological agents in the air, including viruses and specifically SARS-CoV-2.

AirAnswers’ vision is to improve health and happiness by finding allergy and mold solutions in transforming the home environment critical to our wellbeing. Our mission is to deliver the most personalized prevention and management solutions for allergies, asthma, and respiratory conditions.

AirAnswers® has an extensive portfolio of patents* as well as publications in peer-reviewed literature.

*US patents 8,038,944, 9,216,421, 9,360,402, 9,481,904, 9,618,431 as well as patents and application world-wide.

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Published at: 03-10-2020