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Technical Questions
Testing and Reporting

1 . Does AirAnswers® come with a warranty?

Yes, AirAnswers® comes with a limited warranty. The warranty period begins on the date you receive the AirAnswers® device from us and lasts for a period of 30 days. Complete information on this limited warranty is included in the Directions for Use that come packaged with the AirAnswers® device.

2 . What is included with the AirAnswers® device?

The AirAnswers® device comes with an extension cord, a user manual, 4 cartridges in cartridge containers and 4 shipping envelopes for returning the cartridges to our laboratory.

An extended warranty is also available.

3 . Where should I dispose of my device if I no longer need it?

Our AirAnswers® device is designed to be used year after year so you can continue to monitor your home for allergens and mold as the air in your environment continues to change over time. However, if you decide that you want to dispose of your AirAnswers® device, we recommend you use the resource below to find a recycling center in your area that accepts electronics.