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AirAnswers® is the only commercially available air sampling device that collects all biological particles such as viruses including COVID-19, bacteria, allergens and molds down to 0.1 microns. Invisible ultra-fine allergens and mold particles that could cause potentially harmful health effects like asthma attacks or cardiovascular issues can be monitored with AirAnswers®.

Who Should Monitor Their Air?

Our revolutionary technology has the capability to monitor a multitude of public spaces for the presence of airborne COVID-19 and can verify whether current protocols that are already in place such as ventilation, disinfection, cleaning, air purification and filtration are working for greater peace of mind.

AirAnswers® should be used for routine air monitoring wherever people gather and is especially critical for populations who have underlying medical conditions.

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COVID-19 Is Airborne

The Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization have confirmed that airborne transmission is one of the ways that COVID-19 spreads.

Airborne transmission occurs when infections are capable of being transmitted through small droplets and particles which are released into the air by infected people. This is a problem which is especially prominent in indoor or enclosed environments with inadequate ventilation.

Dr. Robert Murphy,
Northwestern Medicine, Infectious Diseases
RADx Steering Panel & Clinical Review Board

AirAnswers® makes Airborne COVID-19 Monitoring Easy


We've made our COVID-19 laboratory data report easy to read and understand.


Wall posters that show that the area is being monitored for COVID-19 can be displayed throughout the clients business.


AirAnswers® COVID-19 testing is easy as plugging in the device and letting it run silently for 3 days

Real World Validation & Evidence

University of Chicago Study with AirAnswers®

AirAnswers® was used in a University of Chicago validation to confirm the presence of SARS-CoV-2 in hospital setting with infected patients.
  • Accelerated patent approval for biowarfare defense validated with US Army
  • Ongoing university and commercial research being conducted
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center Study with AirAnswers® - Click here to learn more
  • Current customers air monitoring with testing at AirAnswers® laboratories
    • Medical Facility, School, Hotel, Small Business, Convention Center, Long-term Care, Office

Experts Speak

"The two primary sources for transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, include person-to-person spread by respiratory droplets and when the virus becomes aerosolized in a confined space such as a classroom, home, business or workplace. It becomes critically important to determine if the local environment is safe and the risk for infection is as low as theoretically possible"
Robert Leo Murphy, MD
Northwestern Medicine, Infectious diseases
"Our data show proof of principle of the ability of this device to detect viral RNA in the air in the hospital, we believe this will allow us to better understand how viruses are present in the air and ultimately reduce risk of contracting COVID-19"
Jayant Pinto, MD
University of Chicago
"Our technology to capture any class of airborne agents has now been demonstrated by our ability to rapidly adapt to the new normal and take on monitoring of airborne COVID, or whatever else the world will throw at human populations in the future"
Julian Gordon, PhD
Co-Founder & CSO, Inspirotec

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AirAnswers® – The first line of defense

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We partner with cleaning and disinfection companies, facilities services, indoor air quality consultants, the remediation and restoration industry, HVAC companies, along with filtration and air purification companies.

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View Terms & Conditions for limitations and risks associated with the AirAnswers® product and laboratory testing services. Email us at to request a PDF or hard copy free of charge through the U.S. Postal Service.