When assessing indoor air quality, mold concentration is a good general measure of air cleanliness. Even in the absence of viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, the presence or absence of mold gives a good indication of the level of cleaning necessary. This measurement is especially good for bathrooms and basements as these areas can have excess moisture which, when coupled with warm temperatures and dim lighting, can be a haven for mold growth. Using AirAnswers® in these locations can provide thorough, actionable information by sampling a large volume of air over a period of time to give a complete picture of the concentrations of different biological pollutants in the space.

AirAnswers identifies mold in a revolutionary way. Instead of relying on visual identification of trapped spores, our lab uses a patented beta glucan test to identify harmful components of actively growing mold. Beta-glucan is a polysaccharide component of actively growing mold. This component, when inhaled, is recognized by the immune system which triggers inflammation.

By capturing beta-glucan in the air, AirAnswers can give an indication of the total quantity of actively growing mold in a given space. This assay is not subjective to interpretation, as can be the case with visual identification of spores for mold speciation, and it can test for over 23 species of mold at one time. Mold remediation steps are typically the same, regardless of the species identified, therefore knowing the exact species is not crucial to eliminating the problem. Bypassing speciation with our beta-glucan test saves time, money, and it gives quantitative data about the total amount of mold in the space. Inspriotec’s AirAnswers technology samples over 150 liters of air per minute and a mold-only assay can be done in as little as 24 hours. The sampling time and high airflow give a complete picture of the air quality of the space, including what hides behind walls or cupboards. If more information is desired, results from a 5 day sample time will yield concentrations of over 7 different allergens as well. Allergens and mold both trigger negative health effects and inflammatory reactions. With AirAnswers you can test the air for the exact particles that will potentially harm your health.