When a revolutionary product comes to market, people wonder what inspired it, how it evolved from a germ of an idea to a real product. AirAnswers® would like to share our foundational story with you, so you can understand where we came from and where we are going.

AirAnswers’ company vision is to bring visibility to invisible health threats in the air. AirAnswers® was founded out of an allergy sufferer’s concern for her health. She approached Dr. Julian Gordon, a world-renowned scientific inventor known for creating the western blot, which is used in protein research laboratories worldwide, and lateral flow technology, which was used in the development of the first at-home pregnancy tests. Julian was enjoying his retirement and volunteering in an art gallery when he was approached by Prasanthi Gandhi, a long-time allergy sufferer, and resident of the neighborhood, about fulfilling her vision and business plan for easy detection of environmental allergens. He said this was technologically unfeasible. Then the penny dropped and she and Julian realized it was all in the sample collection. You can then use existing technology to detect the allergens. So through numerous discussions, they came up with a revolutionary idea for sample collection. Thus AirAnswers® was born.

Because Julian and Prasanthi realized that the technology’s ability to capture all biological particles lead to much broader applications than allergy sufferers, they envisioned a possible application in biodefense. They were able to have the patent application go through a special accelerated program in the US patents office. Following that, with their first seed funding from the Thiel Foundation, they worked with the US Army to demonstrate the feasibility of capturing and detecting an airborne virus that was at one time considered a threat. AirAnswers® has been detecting viruses since its creation. Now we have broadened our focus from allergens and mold to include airborne COVID-19 virus in support of the global pandemic. Our product can help people understand the indoor air they are breathing, as poor air quality can cause negative health effects. We also help businesses validate airborne health and safety protocols.

To find out more about testing your indoor air quality and validating airborne health and safety protocols please visit Airanswers.com or contact us directly at support@airanswers.com.