COVID-19 has introduced a new way of living whether we are getting back to office, school, or running our business it is vital to take all the safety precautions to stay safe & reduce the spread of the virus. Customers, employees, students, parents are looking to hospitals, schools, commercial spaces & small businesses to incorporate practices that provide them with greater peace of mind as they begin to return to their everyday lives in the new normal.

Air monitoring is a crucial safety protocol that helps in identifying the concentrations of airborne COVID-19 virus within indoor spaces. With a capacity to process 150 liters of air per minute, AirAnswers® is the only commercially available air sampling device that collects all biological particles including viruses such as COVID-19, bacteria, allergens and molds down to 0.1 microns.

A University of Chicago study was recently conducted to discover the concentration of airborne COVID-19 particles in hospitals. The study involved the placement of AirAnswers® near the beds of patients to identify how much of the virus was concentrated around them, in ICUs and in general wards. This provides the scientific community with valuable data on how the virus travels through the air, in the form of droplets and as aerosol clouds. The efficacy of this device as a COVID-19 monitoring device has been proven through 4 separate clinical studies conducted so far.

Testing with AirAnswers® is as easy as plugging in the device and letting it run silently. The device takes 3 days to adequately sample air in any single unit of an indoor place. It will verify whether current protocols that are already in place, such as ventilation, disinfection, cleaning, air purification and filtration are working and help in monitoring your business on a weekly basis for COVID-19. It helps ensure your customers have the peace of mind they're looking for while you protect your bottom line.