Getting ready for a fun summer vacation requires a little extra preparation if you or someone in the family has allergies or asthma. But that extra preparation can make a huge difference between creating a trip full of memories you can’t forget and one you’ll want to forget! We’ve got you covered with these quick tips for a safe family vacation so you can create memories that will last a lifetime.


Plan Ahead

Make sure your prescriptions are filled for all the medications you need. The last thing you want is to run out of medication while you’re on the road, in the air or another country.  You may even want to consider visiting your allergist to make sure you’re fully prepared for whatever adventures lie ahead. If you’re going camping or hiking in the mountains and will come in contact with a lot of allergens that you’re allergic to, your doctor may want to discuss and alter your treatment plan so you won’t be struggling with the increased allergen exposure.

Make sure your family has a plan just in case there is a medical emergency. They should know what to do and who to contact.  You may also want to consider wearing a medical identification bracelet in case you run into an issue while you’re alone.

Contact your hotel to find out if they have allergy-friendly rooms to help reduce your allergen exposure on your trip. Even if your hotel doesn’t offer these rooms, you can bring some of your own tools to combat allergens. If you’re allergic to dust mites, you can consider packing your own dust-mite pillow covers. Run the air conditioner instead of opening windows or patio doors. Make sure you shower and change your clothes before resting on the beds and furniture in the hotel room so you don’t bring any of the allergens you’ve come in contact with while adventuring into the room.


Pack Your Bags

Make sure all medications you need are always nearby. Instead of putting medications in your luggage where they can get lost, keep them in a purse or bag you’ll always have access to. You can even bring an extra set of meds to keep in your luggage so you’ll have a backup plan if your purse or luggage gets lost while you’re traveling or exploring.

Food Choices

If you have food allergies and are planning a road trip, make sure to pack snacks and meals.  That will remove your need to read food labels at gas stations when everyone is hungry. You should also do some research about the restaurants in the area where you’ll be staying. You can look for restaurants that are allergy-friendly so you don’t have to play guessing games during meal times.

Out & About

Chances are you planned out your whole trip. You know what places you’ll visit, restaurants you’ll stop at and you know how you plan to get there. If walking to each destination is a part of your exploration, make sure you use a weather app like or to check the air quality in the area. On days where air quality is low or the mold or pollen count is high, you can opt to drive or take a cab where you can keep the windows closed. That helps reduce your exposure to the allergens that bother you.

It’s also important that you avoid places where smoking is allowed so you’re not triggered by irritants other than allergens.

Whether you’re taking a small road trip with your family or a solo vacation somewhere on the other side of the world, planning is the key to having a magical experience without letting allergies and asthma symptoms get in the way. So pack your camera and meds, grab your map and get to exploring!