Imagine walking into your favorite grocery store. You peruse the aisles, putting bread, milk, and cereal into your cart. You pick up a carton of eggs, a package of butter, and a bag of sugar. When you have all your items, you wait in the checkout line, But as you are putting the groceries on the belt to be scanned, you notice something peculiar: there are no nutrition labels or ingredients lists on the items. This is quite strange. How will you know what you are putting in your body if the product you are going to consume isn’t labeled? It is impossible for you to make healthy informed choices without this information. It’s absurd to think of a world without knowing the ingredients in your food, but we are living in a world where we don’t know the components of our air. 


Air quality, particularly indoor air quality, has a drastic impact on our health and wellness. Negative air quality can trigger allergic reactions, asthma, lead to viral and bacterial infection, and cause pollutants to enter the lungs and potentially the bloodstream. Knowing what we are breathing is as important as knowing what we are eating. AirAnswers® electrostatic capture technology captures all biological particles in the air down to 0.1 microns in size. Those particles are later analyzed in the lab to create a detailed report of the concentration of specific allergens like dog, cat, and pollen, as well as mold, or SARS-CoV2 from the original air sample. 


The power to analyze your indoor air and monitor it for harmful pollutants gives you control over your health. You can verify that certain air purifiers or cleaning protocols are effective, or choose to implement new solutions to breathe cleaner air. Ongoing assessment for airborne SARS-CoV-2 virus allows a more informed and cautious return to normal everyday life. With the uncertainty, why wouldn’t you take every possible step to monitor the health of yourself and your air? 

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