Some people think that if they have allergies, all they need to do is get a skin test by their allergist and their allergies can be explained away…but it’s not that easy. A skin test can determine what you’re allergic to, but how do you know if what you’re allergic to is lurking around your bedroom at night and triggering your symptoms? The AirAnswers® home allergen test can tell you which and how much of those pesky allergens you are exposed to in your living environment. Are you allergic to dust mite allergen? Without realizing it, you may have a dust mite allergen in your home. If you are constantly combatting a runny nose, watery eyes, coughing, wheezing, or sneezing, it may not be a never-ending cold or cough, it could actually be a home filled with allergens!!

In-Office Skin Testing

The AirAnswers® Home Allergen Test is a science-based solution for detecting allergens in your living environment. At AirAnswers®, we provide allergy/asthma sufferers with a report on the allergens present in their environment, which complements their physician’s diagnosis. Working together, these two pieces of information can help people eliminate the offending allergens from their homes and help alleviate their symptoms.

The in-office visit starts with a skin test which is almost always recommended. After patients get the results from the skin test, there will be options for treatment.  The first line of defense should always be to treat the environment. Too often, the patients go straight to taking medication, or they may also choose to undergo allergy shot treatments. But it is very important for patients to target the allergens in their every-day environment in order to determine the most successful treatment, especially if they would prefer to lessen their medication needs.

Normally, the allergist will ask numerous questions to try to determine what patients are exposed to in their homes. This is often difficult to do as many patients have no idea of what the sources of allergens are in their home environment. AirAnswers® Home Allergen Testing records five days of exposure in the home and accurately reports a variety of common allergens. At AirAnswers®, our allergy consultants can then advise on how to avoid allergen triggers by recommending environmental products tailored to patients’ needs, or if avoidance is near impossible, their allergist can prescribe the correct medication.

The AirAnswers® Home Allergen Test provides answers within 30 days, which saves a lifetime of suffering. Many clients report spending hundreds of dollars, even a thousand or more, ‘throwing darts in the air with medications and devices trying to mitigate the wrong allergy and asthma triggers. With AirAnswers®’ targeted approach, the money and stress that patients save in the long-run are priceless.

A true solution to your allergies requires not only knowing what you’re allergic to but also determining which allergens – and the concentration of allergens – in your home. The AirAnswers® Home Allergen Test is trusted by physicians as the only test on the market that can identify the allergens in your home environment. In combination with the in-office skin test, our testing provides patients with the most accurate environmental diagnosis to ensure that they get the best allergy and asthma relief.