So you’ve heard our claim to fame: we sample over 150 liters of air per minute. But how much air is that really? 

The average adult breathes about 12-20 times per minute with approximately 0.5 liters in each normal breath. When AirAnswers is running, it samples over 1.3 million breaths of air in 72 hours. That is enough to fill over 129,000 party balloons. That amount of air coverage is certainly worth celebrating. 

With such a high volume of air sampled, AirAnswers is capturing particles from the entire space, yielding a complete picture of the biological pollutants - viruses, bacteria, allergens, and mold - in your air. This gives an advantage over traditional low-volume air samplers that sample ~5-15 liters of air per minute as it is much more likely those devices will not give a thorough reading of the indoor air quality of the space.

Imagine walking into a room filled with 129,000 party balloons, or walking into a room with only 5 party balloons. That’s the difference between sampling with AirAnswers for 72 hours or using old methods and sampling with a low-volume air sampler for 15 minutes. What party would you choose? Which space’s air would you have more confidence has been sampled and tested thoroughly? 

If you would like to learn more about AirAnswers’ revolutionary air sampling technology and its ability to capture all biological pollutants, please visit our website or contact us directly at