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AirAnswers® can monitor for COVID-19 across
a myriad of places




Restaurant & Bars





One of the ways COVID-19 is transmitted is through respiratory droplets when the virus becomes aerosolized in a confined space such as classroom, home, business or workplace*. This makes it critically important to monitor your indoor air on a routine basis with the use of AirAnswers®.

*Source: World Health Organization.

AirAnswers® is the only commercially available air sampling device that uses the same rocket-based science as NASA which has the capability to collect ultrafine particles (0.1um) in the air including allergens, molds, bacteria and viruses including the capture of airborne COVID-19 virus.

AirAnswers® is a plug-n-play device with no moving parts or filters that utilizes ion particles to generate air flow over a 3 day period for COVID-19. 100 liters of air per minute is circulated and collected through the device.

Now you can get greater peace of mind with AirAnswers® as we embrace the new normal in a COVID-19 world. This accurate scientific test will help you take remedial action when you identify the COVID-19 in the air before it becomes widespread.

This revolutionary combination of sampling, detection, and testing has the capability to monitor a multitude of public area types for the presence of the virus along with validating cleaning protocols or confirmation of efficacy for active air purification technology installations.


  • “The two primary sources for transmission of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, include person-to-person spread by respiratory droplets and when the virus becomes aerosolized in a confined space such as a classroom, home, business or workplace.  As the summer winds down and activities move indoors, it becomes critically important to determine if the local environment is safe and the risk for infection is as low as theoretically possible”

    Dr. Robert Leo Murphy

    Northwestern Medicine
  • “Our data show proof of principle of the ability of this device to detect viral RNA in the air in the hospital, we believe this will allow us to better understand how viruses are present in the air and ultimately reduce risk of contracting COVID-19”

    Dr. Jayant Pinto, MD

    University of Chicago
  • “Our technology to capture any class of airborne agents has now been demonstrated by our ability to rapidly adapt to the new normal and take on monitoring of airborne COVID, or whatever else the world will throw at human populations in the future”

    Dr. Julian Gordon

    Co-Founder & CSO, Inspirotec
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